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Friday, October 23, 2009

Elsa, 21, lives at the edge of the woods. Very frequently woodland creatures wander into her backyard. Elsa is not afraid of them; gestures of kindness are her thing. A particular fawn, separated from its clan, lives in the peripharies of the woods and often comes to Elsa's for a few leftover scraps. "I call it Holiday," explains Elsa "because it showed up on Labour Day a few months back."

Her friends, the few she does have, are of the opinion that Elsa was born in the wrong century. With her love for old tapestries, Baroque art, vintage cookbooks and clips, Elsa knows her aesthetics. That does not mean that she is a boring old soul - in fact, quite the opposite. "She's quietly interesting," said one of her friends. "I don't know how else to put it.. because she is so quiet most of the time, yet you're hardly bored when you spend time with her."

She has a habit of cutting things out of art magazines, fiction or basically anywhere; her eye has a knack for catching little details hidden in the text.
"We tease her about it," says Jeremy, Elsa's classmate and friend, talking about what he calls Elsa's 'ransom note' habit: "See, it's like this. She cuts the hell out of every publication that makes its way into her house and hands. Then she saves the tattered remains; but what's creepy is how she pieces together words and pictures into montages on her scrapbooks and walls."
"Jeremy's exaggerating, of course." Savannah, another friend, cuts in. "It's actually quite brilliant, what Elsa does. She cuts things out and puts them together in such a way that everything fits into place. The end result's always so pretty. I think it has to do with her aesthetic sense and her love for literature."
"I think it has to do with her creepiness!" Jeremy shuts up after Savannah punches him.

[I had nothing else to do, so I wrote this lame ass narrative-thing. Don't hate me yet; given the state of things there's probably more to come. :p]


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