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Thursday, April 1, 2010
1. larry climbs into his lawn chair
    waves her goodbye
    unties from the post
    races towards the sky
    takes a sip out of his beer
    and says it looks amazing

HERE is the song made of absolute win.. esp. when it transitions around 1:46.
p.s.:  Larry Walters is my hero (:

2. the road virus heads north is a short story by stephen king. it talks about a painting that a writer purchases at a garage sale, only the painter is dead and had a rather troubled past. slowly thing begin to unravel in the writer's life as the painting begins to change.. i'm biased because i'm a king fan, but this is a great story nonetheless. you can almost picture the garrish neon-tinted painting he describes in this story.

what's your current favorite song? what book are you reading right now?

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