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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A glitchy creation is like a crazy sim*. They may look fine when seen from a distance, and that too in daylight. Chopping up trees, minding their own business.

But come night-time, and the shadows make it hard for you to see very well. You step closer, only to notice the jagged textures and the pixelated badness.

 Before you know it, you're face to face with her. Only then do you realize it's a trap... axes and pretty girls are just not a normal combination. Oh well, at least she's a nuanced killer, so it shouldn't hurt much...

Confused? What we have here is an account of my feeble attempt at trying to create a Sims 2 skin, infused with some dark humor. This 'attempt' was made with combinations of Maxis textures and a photo**. I got the shading and position of the texture right for the most part, but it seems like I fudged the alpha up - not a surprise since it was the first time I worked on one anyway. Unless I keep trying and get better at this, I think I'm better off making simple object recolors - a single PNG compared to three large BMPs for a skin, each of which must coincide. Pfft.

* no offence to crazy sims.
** credit to palmercash

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