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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Casual games are corny and pointless. But sometimes I run out of things to do (which is saying something in this world of constant chaotic business). I'd rather not be left alone with my thoughts, so I find ways to distract myself. Love and Death was one such way - a hidden object game that feeds off of the current vampire hype. And the vampire in it is named Damon *coughvampirediariescough* ... talk about original.
The lady heroine is called Victoria, and while I believe that name's another cliche in its own right, I think it might just be me. hehe..

That said, some of the settings in the game are amazingly rich and beautiful. The details are really well-drawn, and the light effects add warmth to the still environments - at times there are actual animated dust particles descending with the light. Damon's chamber was so good that I instantly felt inspired just looking at it:

I tried to make something similar to the above in the Sims 2, and moderately succeeded - except mine looked all dark and dinghy, even after the addition of roses here and there. Alas, soon I  felt my interest wane. I was reminded of the time when creating for the Sims 2 used to be such a creative high ... dorky as that sounds. Now it takes eons for me to actually find the time to create things, and even then I don't feel too inspired. A hectic real life does not help things, nor does having a depressive disposition (insert melancholic smiley here). I didn't even bother to go back and take in-game pictures of the vampire's room. So I think it is safe to declare a hiatus, hopefully a temporary one; I won't close the blog obviously, and will try to post now and again with some small offering - downloadables hopefully. But for now I am not playing the Sims 2. Indefinite silence starts now.

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