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Monday, August 16, 2010
I am not the most practical of builders, nor are my house layouts anything more than a few boxy structures piled together. Still I have fun when I make a house and I try to look at all the possibilities that can make a house more real - personal touches with various scattered personal artifacts, all thanks to the object creators. A hairbrush here, a baseball there. What I'm talking about is trying to give a house some personality.

Here's a small city house that is supposed to look like it would belong on any busy street of Japan. Hopefully more to come from this same hypothetical street. ;)

nevermind the sim; he likes to sleepwalk / act generally creepy after dark.


and there he goes again.

P.S: Shout-out to Sandy and Isi, who indulged me in my Sims 1 pictures, encouraged me to take more, and are generally wonderful people to know. :)

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