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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This one took a while! Right now I've only taken exterior screenshots plus some of the sim, so pardon me for these very few images this time. However, do look out for part two to this post which should have pictures of the entire house - soon (maybe even tomorrow).
I'd just like to say it here and now, rather than build up any expectations, that this house will not be available for download, for the simple reason that it is not a playable house. There is too much clutter in all the wrong places that blocks passage and can be quite frustrating to deal with; I wouldn't want to share a substandard creation like that if it defeats the purpose it is meant to achieve (in this case playability!). That said, I love it in my game and it was challenging to make; so let's only enjoy this one for aesthetic value.

        this is the house in its entirety:

        this is the enterprising owner:

        & this is his dog:

        ungrateful brat! not my fault if the pizza tastes bad after you leave it out overnight.

more soon.

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