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Thursday, May 26, 2011
Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You

The movement of identity from student to unemployed graduate is, in one word, BORING. Also the insane heat in this part of the world does not help anything. All it gives me is plenty of time and strategy for my pixelated peeps.

This retro dining set by the now-dead Najimu website, has always been a favorite of mine. The only thing I didn't like was the tacky palette on offer. I like to tone things down a notch (or two) for my game, and that makes the odds of a lime green dining table being placed in one of my houses next to none.

This set includes red and black versions of the chair, and additionally a third white one for the table. That means recolors of:
table x 3
chair x 2
salt and pepper shakers
painting (Nightlife - Four Vegetables)
painting (Seasons - Gram's Needlework)
little cat rug (Nightlife - Thirsty bath mat)
+ collection file that makes it easy to find everything in one place
+ all meshes inclusive

All this typing makes me feel like I could use a couple of showers, so I'm just going to leave you with the download link and a good wish for your day.


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